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Queen of stubs

Yay! Kids are back at school, well actually it’s kid and she went back last Wednesday, but still, Yay!

I had 2 fantastic sessions at the torch last week, making some new Hydraengea beads and experimenting with some more new styles and colour combinations. I absolutely love my new design, inspired by a photo I took the other week at Wisley gardens. I had such a surprise when I took the main bead out of the kiln because it didn’t have the colours I was expecting, but gorgeous sunset hues instead. I’m very excited about these, but I’m afraid they’re going to have to stay under wraps for the moment.

But today stank….I didn’t realise how low my stock of white glass had got, having only one rod left and took time to sort through my glass looking for more and working out what other colours I am low on. I’m also reinstated as the stuby queen, spending valuable time today melting white stubies together and I only managed to get 2 more rods of the scraps. I think I’ve enough scrap left for another rod if I’m lucky. So only 6 focals in the kiln today and I think I’ll have to focus on dichroic tommorrow as I don’t use much white in those.

30 mins later…..I’ve just managed to make 2 more wiggly rods of white to use tommorrow.  Phew.

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