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How bazaar

Friday evening

I’m so glad that week’s over, I’m champing at the bit to get on and make my new pieces of jewellery for my Christmas events and can’t wait for next week when I get the house back to myself and I can go back to my studio and make some beads. Today saw the end of the holiday club, isn’t it funny how long it takes to prepare for these things and decorate a room, compared to how long it takes to dismantle it and chuck the rubbish in the bin. Actually it’s a bit sad really. Anyway the kids all enjoyed it and their parents got a well deserved break every day even if we didn’t!

We also went into Horsham this afternoon with friends to have fun at the steam fair which comes to the Carfax every autumn half term. And yipee, Hawkins Bazaar have returned again, probably until mid January if the last couple of years are anything to go by. I love the stuff in their shop, it’s crammed full of all those daft things any self respecting kid had in their stocking at Christmas, Sea Monkeys, whirly things, widgets and all sorts. Paradise.

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Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

Wednesday evening….

…..already, and half term is supposed to be a break! I’m helping run a holiday club for kids every morning this week and it’s very difficult finding time to blog and fit in bits of work…suffice it to say this is the first chance I feel I’ve had to blog. Of course this time last year we were recording songs for an album, and getting choir sounds with 4 people. That must mean my blog is over 1 year old, so woo hoo, and happy birthday (belated) blog. There’s lots of stuff happening that relates to my business at the moment (even though I can’t sit and make beads or jewellery at the moment), and I hope to reveal all soon.

On another note Rick and I had a good laugh watching one of Fanny Craddocks old cookery programmes last night. You don’t realise how far things have come until you watch the old stuff. She was very chatty in her delivery, and constantly mentioned saving money and being economical with ingredients. All the food looked grey (black and white) and it was soooo hard to be inspired by anything she presented. But the funniest of all was the way she kept coughing into her hands in turn, then handling the food she was preparing and had prepared! She was a smoker by what I gleened watching the wonderful Julia Davies in ‘Frightened of Fanny’ the other night. Classic TV.

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I get no kicks from champagne

Friday evening

Well my head down effort this week and last has paid off, and I have exciting news. But I’m not going to let you in on that yet, suffice it to say I now have a champers headache, ouch, I need to make a coffee.

I had a real panic hour or so today, as I felt I was swimmimg in treacle with all the jobs I’ve given myself to do, so I went to my trusty ‘jobs to do list’ that I started in March this year, and haven’t updated since May. I’ve updated it, and even though it’s still just as long, it was great to see I had actually completed several of my objectives this year, and had great pleasure deleting them to replace them with different jobs. Now I’ve written what I need to do in a proper list I feel I can tackle jobs one by one and make progress. I must be a real sado. Off now to get me coffee.

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Much too tired to think of a good title……

Tuesday evening

I thought I’d better pop in and say hi. I’ve had my head down again, desperately trying to get an important project done (not telling you what that is, in case it all goes wrong). Of course it involves glass beads and a bit of silver, isn’t it great to realise you need a particular colour glass bead and be able to pop out to the studio and knock a few out? The only drawback is that you have to wait for the kiln to heat up and then wait for your beads while it goes through the anneal cycle.

I have several jobs on the go as usual, my favourite at the moment has to be organising a batch of 30 T shirts which I’m having printed, actually this year it’s a full colour iron on motif. Previous years have been screen printed.

The bad news is that my daughter finishes school tommorrow for half term, so I shouldn’t really be working for the next 11 days, but I will be fitting in stuff as and when I can. Night all.

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England’s green and pleasant land

Friday afternoon

What a beautiful country England is. I’ve had the most lovely day today, driving through some of the nicest countryside, mainly woods from Horsham to Farnham. I thought I’d take a day off working to go to a couple of galleries I’ve wanted to visit for a long time now, and to see how long it would take to get there. It was an incredible drive though gorgeous woods most of the way, which is unusual, couple that with the season being Autumn and you have a great combination. Parts of the road cut through high tree lined banks where old knarled roots twisted over the mud and had a really old feel to them. The drive there was among patches of fog which wafted mysteriously between the trees, while the journey home saw lots of sunshine pouring through the leaves and dappling the ground in light. Awesome.

The great thing about a day out like today, is that it lifts my spirits. I feel so happy inside and really refreshed and relaxed after my hard slog of the last couple of months, especially Sunday. I came home ready to pick up my daughter from school and felt so different, like I’d been on holiday. Even the walk to school felt different, it’s so wierd, but good what 3 or 4 hours doing something you really love with no pressure can do.

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Country road, take me home (West Virginia)(gotta stay with the song titles)

Wednesday morning
Morning all. I got told off Monday for bad spelling, grammer, punctuation and all, so lets hope today’s entry is more coherant, it should be, I’m feeling a bit more with it but not completely yet.

I now have the pre-Christmas lull ahead of me, it’s the calm before the storm, and although I have my job targets set for the week my thoughts are also turning towards my Christmas panic which I always get into because of the fairs and orders I get last minute. Somehow the cards never get sent until after the last posting day, and we’re always up at 2am Christmas day finishing off the pressie wrapping. Now this isn’t because we’re greedy and give each other bucket loads of presents, but because we’re both very fortunate to have huge families on each side who all get along well.

So this year I’m thinking very seriously about what I can do now to ease the stress and prevent my Christmas day migraine that’s occured 3 times now (and boy they were real humdingers). Trouble is it feels very strange doing stuff like writting cards and buying presents so early, especially since I set myself the rule when I was younger about not starting to think about Christmas until after my birthday near the end of November.

So here’s something to change the subject back to Autumn, a picture or 2 of the Virginia Creeper that grows so voraciously on the fence at the end of our garden. I took these on Saturday morning, and they have a real rich colour tapestry feel to them.  Today, 5 days on, the mass of leaves are now more  golden yellow and orange, with hardly any dark green and only acid green shades remaining.

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We’ll always have Parrots

Monday morning

I’m back. I haven’t really been away but it feels like it, having had my head down getting ready for Harrow. It was manic last week, spending every hour possible in my studio making new beads (yipee), cleaning them (yuk) and then Saturday photographing them (thank you Rick) and pricing them up (boring). I made several new favourites last week, and it was lovely to see them sell early on in the day, always reassuring that but also a bit sad that I can’t enjoy looking at them this week. Oh well, I do have my photos. Or should I say we’ll always have photos…….we watched Red Dwarf when we got home last night, the episode called Camille where Kryton falls in love with what turns out to be a blob, then they go on to reenact Cassablanca. Sorry, rambling, but I would recommend Red Dwarf (series 4 episode 1). I’ll be putting the new boxed set All the Shows 5 to whatever it is on my Christmas list. Although I didn’t like the last one so much cos it got all posh with film type production instead of the low budget, wobbly set, naff sound I loved at the start. Not at all like Blake 7 wobbly sets that they took so seriously….but oh, I’m starting to sound like a sci fi geek.

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Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Thursday evening

What a difference a tidy up makes. We cleared the thing called a patio outside our back doors on Saturday, and the garden looks so much better. It’s taking a long time and lots of hard work but we’re gradually getting there. Unfortunately we had a lot of ivy growing there and when we removed it we displaced 4 frogs, a whole family! It was OK cos they all bounced off under the castor oil plant.

Not so good for the numerous snails and slugs…ah ha….they ain’t gotten anywhere to shelter near our pots now. I had a bit of a euwwww moment yesterday as a 5 inch long slug slimed it’s way over the steps, I just had to perform surgery. Yuk. It’s something I really don’t like doing but I can’t let the critters lay eggs. Next week I hope to go and get some pansies to plant and get a bit of colour out the back and on the doorstep.

It’s all go here at the moment, I’m mega busy getting ready for Harrow this Sunday. I have a new bead design which I really like and has the feel of the fabrics used in the dresses and tunics in the shops at the moment. I will have a couple of sets of these available at Harrow, together with my other new designs I launched at Lingfield. Off for my evening coffee now. Night all.

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I’m all shook up (uh huh uh) ps. shop open!

Tuesday Morning

Oh yes, I’m still a bit shakey after having an unexpected dental hygene appointment. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s someone mucking around in my mouth, I even hate me mucking around in there. It was all a rush job really, cos I missed my last one and forgot this one and had to rush full pelt after they so kindly rang and reminded me! nnngggh.

Oh well, I tried thought diversion therapy this morning as I sat back in the chair, and imagined the process of lampworking. I was struggling to make a bead so imagined that I was sculpting a beautiful off mandrel autumnal leaf a bit like the one in my NEW SHOP! and it worked, to an extent. So now I’m home, and calming down (still a bit shakey – don’t like dentists) I don’t want to eat or drink anything cos I don’t want to mess up my nice clean gob. Oooo, this could be a good way to diet.

ps. 8.5 deg C in studio toady at 11am, definately cooling down now.

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SHOP – GRAND OPENING (well maybe not grand, but it’s open at last)

Sunday evening

I’m sat here at last (while Rick watches the last 2 LOST episodes – for the 3rd time (am I going to miss Sawyers character!)) bringing you news that at long last I have a shop on my site. And not only that but there are actually things in there to buy. Woohoo. Not many things but a small selection to tempt your tastebuds, after all I do have the Harrow bead fair next Sunday. So please follow the link to my shop and have a wander around, dont forget to charge your glass on the way and please come back regularly to see what’s new, now I have the shop it will be stocked regularly.  Ooh, Ricks just added the shop link at the top so we’re ready to roll.  3…..2……1……open

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