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12 weeks post op today

Tuesday afternoon

I have a new tuition date available

***Thurs 6th November, 1 space on a 1 day beginners Glass Beadmaking, 10am – 5pm***

This is a great opportunity to have a go at beadmaking and my first day teaching after surgery!

So 12 weeks today, it’s been rather epic for me, and taken longer than I remember last time 6 years ago for the other hip. However it felt so fast last time as I’d come from a very bad place of being very disabled, even though I staunchly denied it to myself and everyone around me.  It did take time to get strong and I guess it’s probably about the same amount of time, it maybe even took longer to really recover to being normal as I had such a long way to go. This time I’m very impatient and wanting to get moving as fast as possible in every sense of the word.

The dreaded hip precautions ended 2 weeks ago and make it easier to move without having to concentrate on not twisting on my hip, but they went on so long I’ve lost my flexibility, but I’m working on it. I can’t wait to be able to reach my feet again! So I’m not lounging around all day any more and made a gradual return to work in the run up to the Big Bead Show Saturday gone. We had a fab day meeting old friends again, but I do apologise that I was rather quiet compared to normal.

Here are some of the beads that were out for sale on Saturday.

Sparkle beads  Danube SwirlsSeaspray at Porthmeor sets

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