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I’m on top of the world

Wednesday lunchtime

Wow, what an amazing few days I’ve had.  It was my birthday last Thursday, and I have to admit to now being officially in ‘The Saga Club’ as one of my friends put it. So yes, that means I am now 50, but to be honest I only feel like 40 if that, and as many of my friends who came to celebrate with me informally last week said, I don’t look it. So yay!

I was determined not to let this milestone pass without a squeak, so planned and had a Fika party (cake and coffee) last Friday, for which I made several cakes. Then on Saturday we went to London and rode the London Eye, with champagne. It was absolutely fabulous and a highlight of the weekend. I was surprised with meeting my dad, who joined us for the Eye, and afterwards we went over to Covent Garden, one of my favourite places, that I haven’t visited in about 13 years. It’s still a vibrant and exciting place, just buzzing with energy, so we stayed there until it was time to come home, only venturing away to find some food. Unfortunately I had to work over the last 7 days also, sliding in bit of prep for both events, preparing for a Surrey Guild exhibition that I set up yesterday in Guildford, so I’m well and truly whacked….but happy.

I’m still smiling with happiness, I’ve had such a lovely time, and still haven’t come down!

Here’s a couple of snaps of the day in London

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