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Dream state

Tuesday morning

Dreams. We all have them. But I’m not talking hopes and dreams, I’m talking of gently coming out of a deep slumber type dreaming here. I get loads, so many that it’s unusual for me not to have one in the morning. They often have recurring themes, and I often visit the same places regularly. I wasn’t going to divulge what I dream, but I may as well tell you that one of my regular haunts is a very big modern house with lots of rooms and a massive garden that stretches off into the distance. We don’t have the real luxury of that but at least I get to enjoy one of my dream properties regularly, including the joy of rediscovering a room that I had forgotten existed. We wouldn’t mind that here in our real house, although several months after we moved in our present house we rediscovered the cupboard under the stairs.

Dreams can often confuse and disappoint. Take this Saturday, when I had to get up early and continue with my preparations for the exhibitions I have to set up this week. I got up and ploughed on with my work really well, feeling relaxed and on top of things, enjoying the early morning weekend peace downstairs,  only to wake up at 10:30 and find that I’d seriously overslept and had to remake all the stuff I’d already done that morning. Oh that sucked.

Still, I successfully prepared my pieces for the Winter Exhibition at the Bank Gallery at Chobham, and now have today and tomorrow to prepare for the Surrey Guild Guildford Exhibition ‘Unique’. I’m feeling very jaded but also optimistic. Let’s hope the snow stays away so I can get stuck in. Here’s some more snowy photos to get you even more in the Christmas mood. Please excuse the dodgy photos, my camera is on it’s way out and Picasa isn’t playing ball either, it keeps changing the photo next to the one I’m trying to tweak. Bye y’all.

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Snow work going on here

Wednesday evening

It’s official…Christmas is coming and would you believe it if I said I’m getting organised? Oh yes, I had an email from Sainsbury on-line the other day announcing Christmas delivery dates and I actually bagged a slot today. Not one of the really close ones, but I have Monday evening, which is good as that means that I can get the worst of it delivered and anything they muck up on, or I forget, or they don’t have, I still have plenty of time to go and get myself, without having to spend 3 hours traipsing around a packed shop like the other year (click here).

We also have snow, but you’re not really surprised there are you? Fortunately I was able to go to the Gallery in Milford safely yesterday and got home easily, but today we are snowed in, well, my daughter had to stay home as her school was closed. But gone are the days of a real ‘snow day’, she had lots of work on the internet from her teachers, so didn’t get off that lightly. As usual I found it very hard to concentrate and plough on with my work (making jewellery for my 2 exhibitions that start next week) with her here. What am I like?

Here’s a couple of snowy pictures to get you in the mood for December…….

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