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She sells seashells

Wednesday eve

The Easter holiday is certainly here and I’m trying my best to give my daughter a nice time without overdoing it (tight wad!).

Yesterday we had a super trip to one of the local Country Parks with one of my friends and her grandaughter, who my one gets on well with. Today saw us driving to Worthing on a company jolly to exchange bags for my business. After making the switch we headed down to the seafront to take in the sea air and go looking for cuttlefish on the shingle. We got waylaid by the sight of a mini train chugging around a park and took a detour to have a ride. What fun, the train was so diddy and reminded me of my childhood in Bexleyheath where the mini railway used to wend it’s way around the lake in the park there too. There was also a derilict looking 50s paddling pool coloured the obligatory blue, and pedolos on the lake too. That took me back a bit too, to Danson park were we went sometimes to row on the lake, and fished for tiddlers in the stream.

We did make it to the seashore later, but alas there were no cuttlefish today, only lots of the really small seashells and fragments of different seaweed in different colours and textures. We even found some driftwood. Happy days.

ShingleBeach huts at South LancingBeach at South Lancing

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