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50 and not out

Tuesday Evening

Hi there. Not much glass stuff going on my way at the moment, the Easter holiday is here and I’m spending time with my daughter and trying to recover from the weekend.

My parents 50th party went very well, but I was on my feet for about 15 hours and am soooooooooo tired now. My big surprise for my parents was their anniversary cake, my mum said she wasn’t going to bother but you can’t have a golden wedding without a special cake. I had so many moments over the last fortnight when I’ve wanted to ring my mum and ask her about the cake and it’s decoration. So I just bothered my mother in law instead!

As for the flowers for the day, well my dad did those.  He’s so good at flower arranging and did a wonderful display of parrot tulips mixed with cuttings from one of their neighbours shrubs.  He also did beautiful posies of roses in plain Habitat tumbers to double up as weights for the orange and yellow helium balloons.  All of this with the tulip serviettes we chose from the RHS and the room looked very colourful.  Must be where I get it from!
Golden wedding cake Dads flower arrangement

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