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ER…me tooo

Did anyone watch ER on E4 last night?

It was a bit pertinant to me to say the least. I made the decision when I started this blog not to be personal about myself, but I think I may let on about one part of my life which dominates me and makes me what I am to an exent.

Last nights episode (I don’t think I’m about to spoil anything if you haven’t already seen it) saw Dr Weaver struggle with the fact that she needed a hip replacement at a fairly young age, and discussing the inconvience of her hip problem with regard to her physical performance and how she coped (or didn’t) with her young son, her job and just bending down to pick things up (which incidentaly is very difficult when you have a very sharp pain shooting down your leg and your hip has just locked in a stupid postion for the umpteenth time that day – I speak from experience).

Dr Weaver (the one with a crutch) has what I have….CDH or clicky hip, this is what they test for when a baby is born and they waggle the legs about to see if they ‘clunk’ into a position. It was with a great deal of effort that she said she was disabled, something that I won’t call myself. I can walk, but I need a stick (when I go out), and yes my leg does keep jaming quite a lot at the moment, and no, the hydrotherapy that I’ve been dutifully going to every week for the last 6 months doesn’t seem to be curing the locking which seems to be happening with frighteningly increasing regularity, as does the sharp twang that shoots down from my hip to my knee when I try to walk with a correct posture. Hmmmm. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my condition dealt with on a drama before, strange really when it’s not a rare thing, although there is more drama to be had from a heart attack!

What I will say about it is that it’s a pain in the leg, it’s getting worse (oh dear), and the fact that walking for too long or standing on my feet cooking or doing housework or gardening for more than an hour tires me far too much. It gets really annoying after a while. I have so much I want to do, house, garden and work wise, and it just gets in the way and prevents me from doing half as much as everyone else. grrrrr. I should add at this point that I’m not blogging this for tea and sympathy, although some choclit wouldn’t go amiss! I can walk and live a fairly normal life, I just can’t do as much as other people or as much as I used to or I’d like to.
I suppose the up side of it is that everytime I think maybe I should get a part time job (or maybe return to Engineering) to help the house finances a bit more, I realise that I’d be so tired whizzing to work, then looking after my daughter after school and trying to keep some semblence of order in the house (that’s already very hard, you should see our wash’s overflowing) that there would be NO energy left for Lampworking or jewellery making, let alone the marketing side. What a shame….not..ha ha! and of course what a perfect sit down job is Lampworking! Well Hurrah!
So…if you’re wondering why I still haven’t got my shop up, or done a few other bits to my website, it’s due to exhaustion, and the enforced resting that I have to do most evenings instead of siting at my desk working on my website. It also explains why I seem to know so much about various TV programs……by the way, less than 2 weeks to LOST second series. I can always find something good from my problems!
Have a good weekend!

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