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I just got told off!

Woops, now there I was, happily trying to make an implosion pendant that wouldn’t for the life off it implode enough, when Rick comes racing down the garden in the rain to say bye (he’s gone out). Instead of a nice byeeeee, I get ranted at for beading with the door open….it started raining cats and cats and dogs behind my back, very hard, and I’ve managed to flood the floor of my studio and submerge the few garden tools I keep in there too. I also got the digital controller for my kiln wet. Woops.
What a sad ending to my first lampy sesh this school holiday, all I got is one measly small bead and then I cracked my pendant. I then got a poopy loopy, but the good news is I managed to repair the pendant and the loop, and cracked my punty off OK. What’s a girl to do?

Back to the house for a cuppa and a bit of choclit I think!

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