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Well hoorrah! (said in the Blackadder style)

Friday evening

At last, I’m done!  It was with much trepidation that I attempted to file my online tax return last night.  Actually it went relatively smoothly, so I had half a Fursty Ferret to celebrate and caught up on Wednesday nights Desperate Housewives and split my sides laughing at this weeks ER. Talking of telly, what an amazing advert Honda have out at the moment.  It makes us laugh every time we see it.

I’ve had several enquiries regarding my courses, so keep them coming if you’re interested.  I’ve found a perfect venue for my bead and wire courses, and would now be interested to hear when you would like to attend them e.g. weekday mornings 10 – 1 or Saturday mornings 10 – 1, or maybe you prefer an evening class type of approach.

The lampworking will be in my studio on a one or two to one basis and will be a 6 hour day.  I’m planning to book Mondays and Tuesdays term time for this.

More details on my courses will follow very soon.  Have a great weekend.


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