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The clockwork candle

Friday evening…..

Hello my beady buddies, or not so beady buddies (hi Peter, thanks for the link from your front page).

It’s already 6th January, and I haven’t yet made it out to my studio.  I have my lovely tax to do next week, but the good news is that I have a wonderful electrician friend coming to do my studio electrics on Monday, at last I can stop using candles and the clockwork radio (LOL).  Rick cybergeek extaordinaire (CE, haven’t used that name in a while) is very capable of doing the wiring thang but with the change in the law he’s not allowed anymore.  I knew he should have moved my studio 2 years ago!

I’ve had a lovely trip down memory lane this week, seeing 4 of my old haunt pubs on telly.  Three of them were on Thursday in ‘Three men in a boat’ with Griff Rhys Jones, namely The Barleymow at Clifton Hampdon, The Head of the River in Oxford, and The Old Anchor Inn on St Helens Wharf in Abingdon where I used to live (in Abingdon, not the pub….. or the wharf!).

The last was The Eagle and Child in Oxford, where I used to sit in the booths where Tolkein, CS Lewis and their friends used to meet and discuss their latest books.  Oh well, I shall sit and dream of Oxfords spires.

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