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Lost…but not forgotten

Wednesday evening

Brrrrrrrrrrrr it’s cold out there.  Minus 1 deg C this morning in the studio.  I had to don my thermals again – oh yes!  It was so cold that I didn’t fancy going out again after lunch, but I was glad I did, you just can’t beat that feeling of melting glass, I find it so relaxing and theraputic, even if it was to do beads I had to do rather than play.

Oh that was too funny, the ending of Lost this week with the profiles of people sitting on the beach.  I was determined not to get drawn in, but ya know how it goes!  I’m still mourning the loss of Frasier and haven’t found anything that gets anywhere near the wit of that show (although Green Wing came pretty close – I’m a bit of a Tamsin Greig fan).  Friday night used to be good for comedy, but it just doesn’t hit the spot at the moment.  Oh well, more time to make beads.

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