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Out of time and out of gas

Tuesday Evening

I’m just about to send Rick down to the studio to get my beads out and turn the kiln off (please), he’s reading this as I type!

11 deg c this morning when I started work, but at least it wasn’t raining.  I made several more snowmen, 2 penguins, Father Christmas and a robin.  I now know why I haven’t seen many robin beads, it’s impossible to tell the brown and red glass apart when they’re hot, I await my lopsided robin….And would you believe it, my gas ran out at tea time.  My plan to always have a spare available went Pete Tong today, cos I didn’t have my spare bottle full.  Rats, I now have to rush out tommorrow morning to get a refil before I can start.

Rick just brought my beads in, oh well, you can’t even see the red breast now he’s out.

More Chihuly photos as promised

Palm House TowersFioriPersian Chandelier

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