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She’s a tough old bird

Late Thursday (more like Friday am)

Discussions at my adult education class were fun again.  Topics up for debate were how they make these spreads that replace butter – are they better than butter or worse because of all the chemicals and chemical processes used to synthesise them.  That led on to battery chickens versus free range (don’t ask me how!), and how to spot Hock burns and what they are.  I also learnt that free range chickens have tough legs and thighs (she’s a tough old bird).  We then got on to the demise of my friends tortoise that they’ve had for 40 odd years, bought in the 60’s when their son was a kid, and now gone walkabout……or was he nicked?   Apparently they’re worth a bit now.  If the poor thing has gone walkabout we hope he’s found shelter or dug a hole, that way he may survive the winter.  So unfortunately he’s missing….presumed dead (or half inched).

Did any one else spot the reference to ‘The Office’ in last nights episode of Lost? 

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