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Here he is folks, the leader of the plaque

Weds morning

What is it about visiting the dentist that strikes fear into even the most mighty of men (and women)? I’m just back from my six month hygienist appointment, which I have been dreading this time, mainly because I missed my six month check-up in the summer as I was far too busy and Rick had lost a filling to the toffee’s we had at Open Houses in the summer. I was convinced that I might also have lost a filling or too, or even gained a cavity, I have been having dreams of rotting teeth and various oral horrors, and all because I missed one appointment and have had the odd twinge or two. Ok, so call me a wimp, but I hate having my teeth looked at, so much so that I didn’t go for about 10 years before I got married, I also didn’t partake of free visits when I was pregnant, and only started going again when my daughter was old enough to need check-ups so she didn’t get scarred like me (and obviously to check here teeth). I thought I should get a grip and be adult about it. I now go every 3 months usually, 2 check-ups and 2 hygienist appointments a year.

So today, I walk in with fear and trepidation, having just puffed my inhaler, so croaking and coughing a lot as my slight asthma passes. I sit in the chair and think she’s going to take one look at my teeth and ask what on earth I’ve been doing, and tell me she can’t clean my teeth because they are in too bad a state…..but no. Scrapping begins, polishing follows, then she asks if she can give me a quick check up as she’s the dentist (not a hygienist), and can she do an x-ray to check a filling. OK – now this is neat as I don’t have to book again and go back for a check-up.

Woo hoo, all is fine, apart from a small filing that I need to have done, which I’ll go back for after the Big Bead Show….I can’t afford to be put off my stride when I have so little time to prepare, and a longer day to work in… phew. I can hopefully stop having the nightmares, and also get to grips with another of Paul McKennas techniques to cope with stress – the ‘Calm Anchor’ worked a treat when I had my hip replaced last year.

I couldn’t resist putting this link in to the wonderful Dentist Song from Little Shop of Horrors….by the way they’re so gentle where I go.

On another topic, I have 2 new places opened up for tuition, details are on my tuition page, but here they are again…..

1 place on a Beginners refresher course Thursday 22 October

1 place on Beginners 1 day course Tuesday 24th November

Please contact me now to book your place now…..and no talk of dentists…..

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