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History in the making

Tuesday evening

I couldn’t let today go without celebrating such a historic occasion as Americas first black president. I normally steer clear of politics and personal issues in my blog but how can this be contentious?I’m so pleased to see that America has come forward this far in 50 years, but I’m also sad that it had such an awful history. I’ve always believed in racial equality and just don’t understand how people can treat others badly because of race or even sex. To be honset in a perfect world no one would bat an eyelid over todays proceedings, but considering the history, I think it’s great. It was fun to see the nerves during the oaths, just like Charles and Di’s wedding, where Charles fluffed the words, Mr Obama had a few stumbles and forgot his lines he had to repeat, mind you I think most people would struggle with that sort of performance in front of so many people.

On another note I should report that I’ve all but finished my tax and accounts, hurrah! Now I can concentrate on my weekly order tomorrow, and have Thursday and Friday to make some new beads for the Ardingly bead fair this Sunday. I’ve already been busy making more encased frit beads in lovely spring colours and making up sets of the TNT2 beads I made and also the larger Psyche beads I made during November. I hope to make some really girly pink valentine inspired beads and maybe a heart or two. I may even post a couple of spoiler photos if you’re lucky ( or rather that should be if Rick does my photos before Midnight on Saturday – I’m hoping to get an earlier night than I normally do before one of these shows!)

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