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Paper, paper, everywhere

Wednesday afternoon

nrrrgghhhhhh! I’m feeling swamped! I have paper everywhere, all over my desk and the dining table and in my filing tray and stuffed away in numerous drawers. I try so hard, I really do, but I just can’t keep things tidy, and I really struggle with keeping the piles of paper down and keeping all the odd things in the correct place, I just don’t understand how some people have such immaculate desks, I really don’t get it. I keep so many pieces of paper because if I don’t I forget stuff, then I go and loose the scrap with the information on.  I’ve tried so many things, buying desk tidies, filing trays, folders, pop files, magazine holders…I could go on. These things have helped to an extent, but the mass goes on increasing, as fast if not faster than I can throw stuff away (or rather recycle). At the moment I’m doing my accounts for the year ending April 08, and having the usual struggle of finding and remembering everything I need to find and include, although I should say that so far things are going faily smoothly, I’m just feeling panicked as I empty another drawer full of paper (surprise, surprise). Maybe I need a break, I can’t do this stuff all day, I get bored and then start working slower and loose my attention, then start panicking that I won’t finish fast enough. I have so much to do this month with these accounts and making new stock for the Ardingly bead fair (sunday 25th January), and also fitting in my regular order which seems to be taking twice as long to do at the moment, I think it’s the cold weather and me feeling absolutely shattered from my 1 month cold. I must stop panicking.

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