Lost in Lost

Tuesday morning

All wrapped up and ready to go down to my studio and make beads. It’s a healthy 8 deg C in my studio today so I may well swelter in my head to toe thermals and jeans that are now almost around my ankles now I’ve shrunk so much. I have my trusty list of things to make and new ideas to try, so I should be in for a fun day. Outside is feeling much nicer, people are out there doing things, by that I mean that outside jobs are being attempted again, rather than everyone hiding inside from the bitter cold.

I spent some time last Friday updating my events page and removing last years do’s, and I now have a good list of events that I will be attending this year, the next being a new bead fair at Dorking Halls at the end of May. This is where The Craft Kit company started their successful bead fairs and is a return to that venue by popular request.

Another thing that’s come around again is LOST! woo hoo. So it looks like I’m due more late nights. Man that show is so addictive, I just don’t know how they do it. They really have an amazing team of writers to keep the suspense going. So far this season has got off to a good start, with us going ‘doh!’ at the end of every episode, how do they do that? You hear the twang and the crack noise and it’s all over for another week. My favourite quote this week was Jack Shepherd talking to Ben Linus on flight 316…….Jack….. ‘How can you read?’………….Ben….. ‘My motherĀ  taught me’.

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