Dick and Dom Rule

Thursday afternoon

Woops, I didn’t mean to leave it that long! It’s officially half term, and as my daughter noted this morning, we’re nearly at the end. I’ve been having this week off work more than a usual half term to keep her company and do things, although to be fair we’ve not not done that much, only several appointments that I lined up for this week, which meant that we’ve spent a couple of afternoons in Horsham, visiting the shops and generally smooching around. We were also due to have a fellow beadmaker around to try one of my torches, but she very unfortunately broke down a few roads away and ended up being towed back home to London. We walked round to see her and took emergency rations of a Kit Kat in case she was hungry, and had a good chat before she left.

So I’m sat here on one of our arm chairs, watching kids TV, next to our daughter, who is sporting her new glasses, well, actually her first ever pair of specs, and they look so cool, she can’t wait to show her friends and really loves them. I would have loved to be able to wear glasses like that as a kid, instead I had the frightfully hideous NHS round wire ones in pale pink to start with, then progressed to the transparent plastic ones with springy ear hooks when they came in. Lovely. I couldnt wait to get contact lenses.

And what’s on? Well, we’ve just finished watching Da Dick and Dom Diaries, a marvelous mix of snipits from their Bungalow series. These 2 blokes are just so funny, and it’s great to watch them at work, they obviously love what they do. I was sad to see D & D in the Bugalow finish, but now we have the splendid Legend of Dick and Dom on in the afternoons, it’s so sureal and very Pythonesque.  I’m a bit of a fan of some childrens TV, we often make time to sit together and watch something that we both like. I’d better go and hang the washing up now. TTFN.

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