Cometh the day

Tuesday morning

Cometh the hour…..oh dear, doesn’t it creep up on you even though you know it’s coming and everything you do and think about is geared to preparations for it? Less than 2 days to go, and I should really be doing some food prep or something rather than blogging, but this is more fun. I’m rather reluctant to be cooking at the moment as my cold is in major full swing, and doesn’t seem to be getting any better at all. I still have achey teeth (I always get that), a painful throat, a throbbing headache, I’m very bunged up with gloop, and my eyes are bloodshot and sticky. Oh doesn’t it sound just lovely! It just doesn’t seem to be easing at all, to the point that I’m considering going to the doctor for some antibionics. Loads of my friends have had all this too, it’s a real sharing cold!

Yesterday I  took my life in my hands and braved the hoards in Sainsbury. I was kind of hoping that it wouldn’t be too busy as there are still another 2 days left to shop for food. I was so wrong, it was awful. There were 2 or 3 people for every normal one shopper with more people shopping anyway, lots of teenagers continually restocking the shelves – this was good but also meant lots of space taken with extra people and a couple of extra stacks of crates in each aisle. It was 10 times worse than Ikea on a Saturday, which I can cope with, but the slow shuffle around and waiting to get to all the shelves was awful. It took me a mamoth 3 1/4 hours to get round as I was buying lots of things I don’t normally, and it took me ages to find everything. I must have bumped about 30 trolleys in the process. I had planned to split the shop into 2 visits but couldn’t face going back again so pressed on and managed to get everything I could possibly need.

I was faced at the end with a whopping parking fee of £50 when I put my card in the slot!  This I was definately not going to pay, as I would have got round in half the time had it been less busy. I had visions of camping in the car park, hoping that the barriers would go up and stay there overnight, alternatively I would ram raid the barriers when no one was looking, I’d have to wait for the queue of cars leaving to die down first. Maybe Rick would have to bring sarnies and a hot flask of tea down to keep me going. How would he get the heavy turkey home? Would it fit on his bike? Fortunately Rick went and questioned the fee, told them to look at the swarms of shoppers, showed them our shopping bill and we got out of it. Phew.

The moral of this story…..Don’t do Christmas…..or if you do…..have beans on toast.

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