Hippy chick is back!

Friday tea time

I’m back! Actually I came home Sunday teatime but this is the first time I’ve felt like having a chat here. I’m sitting on an arm chair like lady muck while Rick cooks dinner yet again, with an Ikea shelf laying across the arms to rest my laptop on. Cool huh? So do you wanna know how it went? eh, eh?

I won’t bore you rigid with details, but it has gone really well so far. I have to admit to being nervous as I walked down for my surgery, in my backless gown, white support pop socks and racy foam slippers, and meeting my surgeon in the hallway covered head to foot in scrubs, with what looked like a wrap-around J-cloth around his head (only his face visible) and knee high wellies, looking like he was about to slaughter a cow! Holby City or Casualty it most definitely was not and I started to wonder just how much blood there would be. The anaesthetist and her assistant quickly and efficiently put me to sleep, and the next thing I knew I was in recovery, feeling numb and extremely chilled. Brilliant. Armed with my class A drugs clicker and huge dose of anaesthetic in my legs I was thankfully very chilled all day and the next, and actually as the feeling came back things haven’t been too bad at all. All in all it has so far not been too bad an experience, much better than I’d been preparing for, and way better than my last surgery 14 years ago.

So here I am, the 10th day post op, I’ve been walking up and down the stairs, doing lots of exercises and walking outside a little bit further every day, all with my crutches. It truly is as amazing as everyone I’ve spoken to has said, and I feel like I have been oiled in my hip. I’ve also decided that I’m not a fraud, as my femoral head had grown itself a lovely lump of bone on it that was stopping movement, and had worn itself into an oval shape, which in turn had shortened my leg by up to an inch. I’m now the proud owner of legs the same length, bliss. Thank you so much Mr Benson.

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