5 days and counting

Thursday morning

It’s Thursday again, how did that happen so fast? You can see my hip hop day is fast approaching, and in case you hadn’t realised is filling my mind most of the time, well, it would really wouldn’t it. Maybe it’s the thought of hopefully being able to do all those things that I’ve been unable to for the last 14 1/2 years or maybe it’s the thought that a very clever surgeon (and I’m happy to say that I’m privileged to have one of the best in the country again (he also has an international reputation)) will be cutting into me next week and chopping away one of the rubbish bits of bone that has been causing me so much grief over the last few years. This thought is good but also scary, as I know it’s not going to be nice, and that I’m going to be in post operative pain for several days, if not weeks going by past experience. The good part is that I know I have to go through this to achieve a happy outcome.

We attended my pre op appointment yesterday and it was fab to hear the physiotherapist talk about not needing my walking stick after a certain number of weeks. This is something that I never thought I’d hear as my internal view of me has been with a stick until my old age, so I’m elated about this. So, it is with very mixed feelings that I travel the next few days until my surgery, happy, excited, nervous, hopeful, apprehensive, sad that I will be loosing a bit of my body that can only be replaced a couple of times (as current medical practice stands).

So please excuse me for getting more personal about me today, but I think I have good reason, and I want to share my good news and nervousness, as this is such a BIG deal for me. I’d better get on, I have 101 jobs to do before next week.

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