3 weeks and counting

Tuesday morning

The sun is shinning today, and it was 8 deg C in my studio when I turned the kiln on this morning. I love how the temperature rises as we progress to the summer, although it has been higher, at 13 deg C a few weeks ago. I have masses of work to do and lots of little jobs to finish at the moment, and I’m wondering how I’m going to fit it all into the next 3 weeks. Oh, did I mention it’s 3 weeks to go? lol. Maybe I should do a project plan bar graph thingy, like I used to do when I was engineering….I used this also to plan our move when we moved house several years ago, I was so terrified of opening a door and finding a room I’d forgotten about absolutely stuffed with ‘stuff’! Of course this wouldn’t really have happened as we had a titchy house with a total of 5 rooms but you get the drift of my nightmare, which had actually happened to my in-laws when they’d moved a few months previously, well, it wasn’t a room but it could have been, as it was one of the many cavernous lofts they used to have, stuffed to the gunnells on moving day. Couple that with the 2 full kitchen cupboards and you have my worst dream for moving day. Mind you they were moving from a huge 2 family house with about 22 rooms, I think they can be forgiven for forgetting a couple of places.

So, I promised to tell of our adventure going to Oxford the other week, maybe it’s time for part 1?…….nah, I’ll keep you in suspense, I want to be able to add some photos as we go along. have good day.

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