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Conventional Fairport gig

Monday…nearly Tuesday

Hi there, I’m buzzing, very unusual for me at this time of night, but we’ve only been home a short while. Ooooo, where’s she been? Well, to cut a long story, no, a short one even shorter, we’ve been to Worthing for a gig tonight, to see one of our favourite bands….Fairport Convention, and we only realised yesterday that they were touring again, so it was all very impulsive (yes, I love a good bit of impulsive behaviour). We even took our nearly 9 year old daughter to her first gig, and had one of the sets dedicated to her. All in all a good evening, and it reminds me how few gigs we’ve been to lately. Note to self….must go to more gigs.

I’m off down to the coast again tomorrow, to Brighton to meet a friend, so that will be a refreshing change, I hope the weather is as good as it has been the last few days. It will be nice to have a day off as I seem to have been working very hard lately, especially with loads of tuition. I have changed my rates very slightly this year, and am only offering guaranteed one-to-one for students who wish to do follow-up intermediate type bookings. I’ve had to do this as demand is so great at the moment, although we always manage to squeeze everyone in!

If you’re in the Milford area this week/month, do pop into the Surrey Guild Gallery as we have a small valentine display so apt for the season, complete with some of my glass heart pendants. Time to turn in I think, night all.

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