At last, I can do what I want

Monday morning

At last…I’ve finished. Well, my tax form isn’t filled in yet, but hopefully my MIL will be helping me with that bit. I’ve got all my info logged on spreadsheets ready to go. Woopeeeeeee.
So that means I can at last get back to doing what I love most and that’s making beads. Can you tell I’m excited? Unfortunately I appear to be suffering with another cold that snuck up on me Friday, and I’m not sure whether to venture out and try lampworking today, being under the weather can be dodgy when playing with fire….but shhhhh, don’t tell Rick, it’ll be our secret.

It’s been a really lovely week and a bit (even with my tax stuff looming overhead). I’ve had the privaleadge to meet and teach 5 students in the last 8 days which was fab. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the thrill of helping new flame workers make their first beads. Needless to say they were all really pleased with the selection of beads they each took home, I just wonder if they all dreamed of making beads in their sleep afterwards, like I did. I remember my beginners course very well. We set off to Plymouth and stayed in a B&B for 2 nights. The second night (after my first day) I dreamt I was melting glass and rotating mandrels all night, I was very restless, but in a good way. There was just something about it that grabbed at my soul and still does, which is why I think I’m going to have to go and get some torching therapy. see ya.

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