Archive for March 13, 2006

The grass is rizz

Monday afternoon

Spring is sprung! It’s a lovely sunny day today down ‘ere in t’t south. I’ve just felt inspired to tidy up today………Rick faints to the ground in surpirse. Actually I think it’s more the impending kids party on Friday that’s turning my thoughts to moving anything fragile! And the Christmas cards came down today, trouble is you don’t notice them when you see them for such a long time (oops, I’m using one of Ricks excuses for not seeing the mess here), and I’ve moved one of our card hanging strips to the other side of the room to cover the annoying column of holes in the wall that were left when the previous owner removed his shelves 6 years ago. It looks better in a strange way. Of course the problem is the holes are even less likely to get filled now you can’t see ’em. Darn it!

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