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Self Portrait

Thursday Evening

How cool is this? For anyone who doesn’t know what I look like, this is Southpark me!

I followed a link to this site where you can make any character, great fun.

Southpark me!

By the way, I lurve ice cream!

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Mastering the art of noise

Late Wednesday evening

Phew, we just got home half an hour ago after a fun filled day at the Mastering suite in Rochester (Cyclone Music Productions). We spent most of the day (10 hours) working on mastering the recording that Rick and I have been working on, and are still amazed at how much difference can be made to a recording at the mastering stage. It now sounds really lush and sweet!

Fortunately me for me (but not my purse), Creative Glass was around the corner and of course I had to go and spend some dosh………

The day has also given me the opportunity to work on course notes and details, while listening very intently to the music, so I will put more info up in the next couple of days.

In the Mastering suite Graham at the Consul (good view of screns) Graham at the Consul

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