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Desperate Housewife? who, me?

Friday lunchtime

I’m feeling very surburban housewifey at the moment. I didn’t get that feeling 2 weeks ago when I tidied downstairs for my daughters party and assembled finger food for the tea.

Today sees me baking of all things, that’s unusual for me. I’ve got 2 nice round pavlovas in the oven (ah, did you think I was going to say something else?) and the smell of roasted peppers is pervading the house. You could say I’m getting nekid in the kitchen with Jamie Oliver, however before you get too excited I should tell you that he’s not here but his books are….you can heave a sigh of relief Rick. The only thing that’s stopping me from being a real Desperate Housewife and that shatters my urban story is that to make the vinegrette I have to retreave one of my many jam jars with lids that I keep stashed in my studio, ready to hold glass or some other work item.
Next on the agenda is my lunch and my usual sado viewing of Neighbours, I won’t apologise to anyone who thinks it’s naff, I see it as one of the perks of working from home……

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