New beads in my shop

Thursday evening

I have restocked my shop! There are 8 new beautiful sets of beads for you to buy, 4 with a distinct pink Valentines theme going on, especially the dotty heart set. You can email me to buy and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice in return, and the good news is that you don’t need to have a Paypal account to shop this way. I also opened a Flickr account this week and have already started uploading my hugely ginormous back catalogue of sold and unsold bead photos to my album. There’s lots of work to do there as I only have a measly 9 photos in so far, but I may well get his geekness involved in helping me here since he loves doing this sorta thang so much.

As for the photos of snow on my mobile that I was going to upload here on Monday, well, it’s official, it’s not techno-fear. Rick tried for several hours to get them off my phone card but to no avail, they’s really gotten stuck! It would appear to be a problem with Picasa so we now have that to fix also. Honestly there’s so many things here that need doing or fixing, but at least I’m starting to succeed a little way with my new years resolutions, one of those was to update my shop more regularly, and ta da, I’ve done it once this year! Another was to put more photos in my beadlog here, well you can’t say I haven’t tried.  So to make up for the lack of snow pics I’ll stuff in a couple of bead pics instead to give you a taster of what’s new in my shop.



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