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Snow wait

Monday lunchtime

I’m stuck at home, well, not really stuck, but I decided to stay in today instead of venturing around the M25 on this very snowy day. Maybe I would have got to my destination, but would I have made it home again,  especially since traffic has been brought to a standstill today slap bang along the section that I would be coming home along? So I’ve had a leisurely morning, pottering around in my lovely new snugly pink fleece dressing gown (I’m dressed now BTW) and generally getting over the weekend. I have to admit to being rather distracted today, probably because I’m shattered again, and maybe because of the snow. I was expecting to get a call from school to go and collect my daughter, but they’ve obviously got enough teachers in today, what a shame, I think they should have been let off to enjoy the snow! I couldn’t really keep her home because of the weather as we only live 5 minutes walk away, I think they’d have twigged what was going on.

I was about to upload a couple of quick snow snaps but I was challenged by that awful red error box that came up twice as I tried to put them on Picassa, so you’ll have to wait until Rick gets home, so there you will. Also I hope to be updating my shop in the next few days, adding a few Valentine themed beads and some gorgeous blue Double Helix sets. We’re meant to be practising music this evening with some friends, but if the weather gets in the way of this then it may well be sooner rather than later 😉

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