One month downtime (not downton)….eeek

Monday lunchtime

I thought I’d pop up and say hi. The school holiday is now in full swing, so I’ve decided to take a months break from the computer! eek, it’s going to be very hard to do, but I need to spend some quality time with my family and time to try to get the house and garden tidy (ha ha). I may be popping in from time to time to blog, but don’t hold your breath!

So…..the upshot is, please don’t be upset or annoyed when I don’t reply to your emails. If you’re interested in tuition and can wait for a reply, please feel free to send me a contact form and I’ll reply when I can.

Also, a reminder that the GBUK Bead Fair in Stourbridge is fast approaching, details are on my events page and you can also visit

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