Pimms O’Clock

Saturday evening

Evening all, and what a cracking day it’s been. What a scorcher. I’m sat here on my bench again, no tea this time, and I can see my screen. I’ve been in my studio all day and boy was it ever hot, but sat out here now I could be in the mediteranean, all I need now is a nice cool Pimms with cucumber, mint and stawberry. Unfortunately I won’t be having one because they now give me migraine, maybe I’ll go for Cinzano Bianco instead or a nice Sauvignon Blanc. I just love cool evenings after a hot day, it’s so lovely to sit and listen to the hum of my neighbours around me (oo, someone just blew their nose rather horn like) and smell the aroma of barbeques wafting on the gentle breeze, and listen to the bird song as they get ready for bed. This is the life, I love the feeling of holidays when I’m still at home, it really refreshes me. Have a lovely balmy evening.

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