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Trip the Light Fantastic

Fantastic.  I’ve just seen the trailer for the new series of Shameless on C4.  Sooooo funny.  Of course it followed on from tonights gripping installment of LOST (which I naughtily watched last week).  And no, I’m not going to stay up late tonight to watch the next one.  I hope!  I think all the last months effort has caught up with me and I’m now feeling more tired than normal.

We popped to see the Christmas lights at a residential close in Horsham tonight.  It’s one of those where all the neighbours absolutely festoon their houses, gardens, paths, hedges and any available space with lights and various lit up seasonal pictures.  It’s a bit over the top for my liking but the kids love it and they raise lots of dosh for the local St Catherines Hospice.  Last year they had £11,000 donated.  At least they don’t have lots of music and sounds playing loudly to upset their other neighbours, unlike some of the other roads featured on the news recently.  If we were to light up our house and garden it would just show everyone how much work the lawn and front of the house needs!  I have to say I’m extremely relieved that none of our neighbours have decided to do anything similar, in fact our road looks decidedly dark by comparrison.

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