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Lost again…..

Wednesday evening

I’m feeling a bit relieved today, I have just 2 more selling events to attend and then Sunday evening it’s all over and I can concentrate on getting us ready for Christmas.  I actually didn’t feel the need today to sit and make jewellery, and fell asleep on the settee while Rick cooked dinner.  It will be good to tackle the 3 foot pile of laundry on top of the laundry basket that’s overflowing like an overflowing thing.  We might just catch up with washing school uniform by the time term finishes!

Oops, shouldn’t have kept the telly on after Lost finished at 11pm.  What another cracker, I can’t resist peeking at next weeks episode, then get sucked into watching the whole thing, and the trouble is we can only get E4+1 so it gets rather late.  So what’s in the capsule, and how come Locke can walk?  Find out in the next exciting episode……..

Double oops.  Rick’s just managed to kick and completely wreck our daughters amazing lego creation of a palace, complete with precariously balanced balcony.  I’m not looking forward to the morning.  Oh dear!

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