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ice, ice, baby

Tuesday morning

3 deg c today, and I thought they said it would be 6 deg on the weather forecast last night. At least it doesn’t feel quite so cold as it did last week, especially not like the day when I managed to trip the fuse, and there’s still lots of time for it to warm up a bit. I have my 90 handmade glass beads order to make today, so I can’t hang around here too long as I need about 4 1/2 hours to physically make the beads, not allowing for comfort breaks, getting hot drinks, lunch and any other faffable tasks like searching for the perfect colour rod of glass or going indoors to warm up for a bit. That means I have just under 5 hours to do the deed, I have a feeling this may have to stretch to finishing off this evening or tomorrow. I also have a fun session planned when I will make some beads to be used for making presents, and also some icicles and maybe a stacked star or 2 if I have the 40 minutes available that each one takes. Must dash and get my thermals on. Please don’t forget to check out my new beads in my shop! cheerio.

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