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Pumpkin surprise

Tuesday tea time

Oh dear, what has happened? I think somebody swapped my husband for a super efficient house proud android. It’s 3 weeks today since I was on the slab, and Rick is being so efficient that it’s getting a bit scary for him and me. My parents came to visit today and apparently he was fretting about the mess my mum was making in ‘His’ kitchen while she made their lunch, he then proceeded to wash up and tidy up after her when she wasn’t looking. He’s got all my pain killer times programmed into the kitchen timer after each dose and is constantly surprising me every evening at 6pm when he has to administer my blood thinning medicine (this is an injection into my poor belly which has been turned into a pin cushion come dart board). What I want to know is why he can’t always be like this, tidying the kitchen after each use and keeping Mount Washpile to the size of a mere foothill? This morning he came down to an exploded pumpkin that I never got around to using, apparently it had given up the ghost overnight (no pun intended) and had collapsed into a heap while spewing it’s wet contents all over the worktop and down the washing machine. hee hee, rather him than me to clear that one up. Now all I need to do is persuade him to tidy the rest of the house. I suppose a girl can dream.

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