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Here comes the rain again

Friday morning

Ah, what was that I said about having the urge to keep going through stuff and get rid of it? Seems the urge left after I told you guys about it, and no further progress has been made, also it’s been progressively harder to be organised as the holiday feeling has come over me, and I can’t really tidy all day again or my daughter will explode as she wants me to do stuff with her. It’s very difficult to be arranging days out and activities to do with your kids at the same time as running a business, it’s sort of 2 different states of mind, very Jekyll and Hyde. I have however been ploughing through the hidden wash pile in the cupboard, gradually whittling it down to a couple of miscreant towels, and making full use of the garden to dry things. Today’s rain has stopped that abruptly. Now we need to re plan what to do today. Ho hum.

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