Shiny happy people having fun

Tuesday morning

The sun is shining and all is well with the world. Ok, so all is not well with the world, what with people abducting their own kids and lying and smirking about it, and the Olympic torch being attacked, together with the honoured bearers, when the protests are supposed to be peaceful. But on a happy note, the sun is shining, as is my kitchen sink, which I’ve actually cleaned again with my marvellous ‘Shiny Sinks’, I don’t know what’s come over me, that’s 3 times in a couple of months….yes I know, most people do it everyday, but I’m really not the type. I also spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening getting rid of paper ‘stuff’ again, and can’t believe I have the urge again today to go through even more ‘stuff’ and get rid of that too.  There must be something in the air. Well, there is lots of something everywhere, and that’s what the main problem is. lol.  All you guys who’ve come here for tuition know what I’m talking about, and have very kindly turned a blind eye to the state of our house.

So, what’s on the cards at the moment? Well, it’s school holiday for this week and the next, and I’m having a bit of a break, but saying that, and I’m also spending a couple of hours every morning and evening just to keep things ticking over, so please, if you want to send me an email, or request tuition information, please keep the mails coming.

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