Out with the old, hopefully not in with any more new

Tuesday morning

Who knew last week would be so busy and exhausting? It was a sad and also happy week that passed, as we attended a funeral one day, followed by arranging and attending a birthday party the next day.

We’re also in the process of having a real good clear out at home, anyone who’s come here for tuition will understand what I’m on about and probably wonder why we didn’t do it sooner, although time and will power do play an important role. Anyone who knows me will know that I hate housework, and that there is always something more interesting to do than tidy up, but the time has arrived, I need to cleanse my soul and the house, and purge the extra baggage from my life. This includes the old settee that we bought when we got married and that didn’t really fare very well, it was one of those where the cushions are all loose and flop and sag just when you look at it. It’s a real shame, but it would have cost a fortune to re-upholster and re-pad everything, just to end up with another saggy seat! Rick took great delight in taking a saw to it so it would fit in the car on it’s journey to it’s final resting place, also known as the dump – something they show very well on the new DFS advert actually! I’m not quite sure how long this eagerness to rid the house of old trash will last, I hope it lasts long enough to actually make a difference.

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