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Mount Washpile, height 5 ft 4″

Tuesday morning (just)

It’s official……..the washing has exploded all over the floor and the wash pile on top of the wash bin is now greater than the amount inside the bin. I heard Rick snigger the other evening as he tossed another pair of used kecks onto the pile and wondered what was up. He was trying to get the top of the pile higher than the bookcase it was beside! Honestly one bead event or a show and the housework system goes up the spout (housework system? do we have one?) ha ha, although talking to other beaders on Sunday it seems they have the same problem. One even commented that if they were burgled that the theives would probably leave the house tidier than they found it! lol.

It’s nice to have a little breathing space to get my work (and the house maybe?) sorted for the Christmas rush, oh, famous last words, I just know that even though all feels so calm today that it’s all going to get mega busy again and I’ll revert to headless chicken mode sooner rather than later. Speaking of which I should go and do some more jobs. Ta ta.

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