Harrow Bead Fair tomorrow (Sunday)

Saturday evening

Harrow Bead Fair, The bead event of the year is tomorrow, Sunday, and I’m packing my luscious new beads and goodies at the moment. Details of the Harrow Bead Fair are on my events page.

So we have to get everything ready tonight, including our lunch and drinks, although I think we should do the flask in the morning ‘cos the water will get too cold. tee hee. It’s the usual last minute scramble here, I did try to get well organised, I even didn’t make beads on Friday, but progress got somewhat hampered today due to the fact that we had a prior commitment which meant we were out all afternoon and evening and only just got home a short while ago.

I’m looking forward to meeting new people and seeing old friends again, it’s great having a stall because loads of people come and say hi. So if you’re reading my beadlog and coming tomorrow, do come by and make yourself known, oh and don’t forget your elbow pads, the crowds were 4 or 5 deep last year. See you tomorrow.

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