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Eat your heart out Diarmuid Gavin

Saturday evening

Nearly one week of the hols over and we’re having fun here. As a family we’ve spent the last 3 days gardening and making the outside areas look a bit more respectable, and I have to say it’s working. I paniked when I looked around the garden last Monday but we’ve been steadily plodding away and progress has been made. My daughter helped me plant lots of pansies on Thursday to brighten the front of the house, and Rick painted what’s left of the fence after the gales, which has smartened the back garden no end. We were going to mend the 5 fence panels that blew down but could I get the parts? Completely sold out everywhere, seems the whole of Sussex had the same idea for the Easter weekend. Rick’s also started moving the huge pile of stones from the back garden, they were a ghastly 70’s fireplace that we pulled out 7 years ago when we moved in (we were terrified of our just walking toddler cracking her head open) and the huge stones from the rockery that we pulled out to make space for my studio. My plan is to tart up the back and put in some slightly raised beds with some lovely archictural type plants.

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