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I have a cunning plan……

Friday evening

I managed 3 (or was it 2?) torching sessions this week, only an hour and a bit each but it helped. Both times though the kiln crashed, hopefully Rick is getting to the bottom of it. I have to say all this is very upsetting, it seems like the odds of beadmaking are stacked against me at the moment, as whenever I get torchtime something goes wrong (kiln each time) or something else urgent comes up. To say it’s driving me nuts would be an understatement.

All this is very unsettling, and I have to say it doesn’t help me much, especially as I’m feeling so distracted with my daughter at home most of the time. It’s been a very frustrating couple of months, I can only hope that I can work like a superwoman after Easter. Maybe I should write a plan (cunning) so I can do everything I need to in the best time. I’m off now to nip out and collect my slowly cooled but not annealed beads. lol.

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