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Flower Power

Wednesday night

Hellooo, a quick hi cos I’m heading off to bed in a mo. I’m gradually getting back in the swing of things, but it’s a bit difficult with my daughter still not at school full time. She’s done 3 mornings so far this week, and hopefully will try all day Friday if she doesn’t get too tired before then. I’m finding it very hard to settle to anything with her health still a major issue, and also having her around so much. Still she’s improving all the time, but I still am amazed how long it’s all taking.

Talking of our daughter, she was 8 today. It seems such a short time ago since she was born but also a long one in a nice way. I had the day off, and popped into town to do some party shopping and get some bits to make and decorate a cake for her today. And here it is, very rushed in the icing department because we were going out, I did the most of the cake, and the white icing, and my daughter cut out and stuck on the flowers.

Birthday cake

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