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When wishy washy is good

Tuesday evening

Oh no….it would appear that the dishwasher’s broken. Rats, rats and double rats. If there’s nothing I dislike more than housework in general, it’s washing up. Honestly you should see our kitchen, the proverbial bomb has hit it. For some reason the dish wash I did Sunday morning left things less than clean, so tonight we decided to run it again (and no, we hadn’t emptied it, and yes, there is 3 days washing up stacked up all around the kitchen waiting to fill the dishwasher when the load in it got clean), and would you believe it, it was full of bubbles at the end of the cycle and everything was cold. So now we have to get it fixed, which may mean a new one, also the washing machine was making a strange squealing noise during it’s spin and the microwave keeps cutting out and the door doesn’t shut properly so we have to wedge it shut using a pickle jar. We knew everything may wear out at once when we got married, but this is silly, especially as they are all different ages. The microwave is 6 years, the dishwasher nearly 8, and the washing machine 10 and a half. Hmmm. I’m off to do a bit of wiping up…rats….don’t like wiping up, but Rick’s already done 5 bowls of washing up in the last hour.

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