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What’s the meaning, what’s the meaning of life?

Saturday night

What is it about the last 2 weeks just gone? They say bad news comes in 3’s but we’ve had about 5 lots so far. I’m feeling very drained and sad for my friends who are struggling with serious health problems. Also very sad for friends of ours who lost their 18 yr old son today in a tragic accident. It just looks so weird in print, what a rubbish fortnight.

This is all such sobering news and makes one sit back and think seriously about life, the universe and everything. We’re so used to longevity in this country, that we sometimes (well I do anyway) forget that we’re all getting older every day, from the youngest to the oldest of us. Sometimes it takes events like I’ve experienced the last fortnight to help put things into perspective and make steps to change priorities. Family, if you’re fortunate enough to have one, is definately the most important thing, and worth spending quality time with.

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