Stump it up to experience.

Thursday Night

Ahh…that’s much better. My second lampwork session this week, I had to take a break because of the intense heat, and haven’t torched for one month…eeek. I’m now spending time in the evenings topping up my bead levels in anticipation of the GBUK bead fair next weekend (Bank Holiday). I’ve made some more variations on the Hydraengea theme, some penguins and a few more dotty fish. My days are spent helping my daughter with her art projects, trying to tidy the house (bit of a no hoper that one) and trying to find time to design and make some new pieces of jewellery.

I’m also now starting to get excited about my course next week with the Michaelangelo of the bead world, Loren Stump. You can see his work at his website. I’m doing his 2 day Murrini course, which is face cane, and I can’t wait, even though I’d rather be doing the Sculpture course. After my experience with Kate Fowle earlier this year, I’ve learnt that there’s so much more to taking a class with a guru than the main subject. It’s facinating to see the way other glass artists manipulate the hot glass, and watch their individual techniques. I’m sure I’ll be exhausted and full of ideas when it’s over.

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