Wish away wheelie washers

Thursday morning

On my bench, with my tea, hee hee. Just thought I’d come outside for some fresh morning (or what’s left of it) air and to compose my thoughts for the day. I didn’t realise how dusty my screen had got! I’m desperately trying to catch up with the washing, oh yes, the laundry overfloweth once more, what do I mean ‘once more’? That should read ‘as usual’. I hope the weather holds so I can get it all dry. Actually it’s a bit of a tight squeeze on the bench because my beautiful Crocosmia Lucifer has grown so tall that it’s now flopping sideways and covering half the seat. I’ll have to get Rick to help me control it with one of my bargain plant stakes that I bought at the show last week.

Ughhh, the lovely garden noises are being spoilt by the sound of the Wash-a-wheeli company that come down our close. Even though we don’t have ours done, they insist on parking outside our house with their racket, and have damaged the branches of our tree more than once by squeezing under it with their noisy van. Grrrrr. So much for a few minutes peace and quiet. Ahh, sounds like they’ve finished, and so have I. byeeeeee.

OOOO, I should add that Art In Action started today, and continues until Sunday. The lovely Di East, Dora Schubert and Amanda Glanville will all be there on Di’s stand, so pop along if you’re intrigued by lampworking and see how it’s done. There are of course loads of other crafts to be seen demonstrated, and the show is well worth a visit if you’re into art and craft.

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