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Thursday morning

Boy have I got a lot of gorgeous new beads for your consumption on Sunday at Lingfield. I’ve been slogging away in the heat this week to ensure a lovely display of my new range which hasn’t been seen on t’internet yet. Shades of blues, turquoise and teal blend together to produce the most yummy beads yet. I’m also working on some new fish designs today, as my newest ones sold the other weekend at Barton, just popped up for air and to do a quick blog entry (although this is my second attempt, the first disappeared). I’ve been far too busy lately, all the finer points of life seem to be passing me by, sob, sob. Still, it should be a bit easier next week…..all I have are orders for wedding jewellery and a couple of phone dangles….and making sure I get everything done for the GBUK bead fair before the school hols start……and all the other stuff involved in running a business. Hmmm…..easier next week?…..famous last words.

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