Fit the Best

Wednesday morning

just thought I’d pop in and say hi. It’s my bits and pieces day today, when I catch up with admin and stuff (yuk), I’d much rather make beads. We have the man from Everest here this morning, attempting to go around the side of the house (ha) and on the patio bit at the back (hee hee), shame it’s covered in pots and stuff. Oooh he’s just gone oopstairs with Rick, I imagine them both crammed in the loo to peer at the hole in the sofit where the birds go in and out to their nests and little ones. Forget Spring Watch, we have a bird made nest in our roof, but no tit webcam. Of course they can’t do the work until the birds have flown the nest so to speak. Better trot off and continue with catching up. byeeeee

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